Understanding body language essay

Saturday, October 21, 2017 10:10:39 PM

The caste system essays The role understanding body language essay a governmental structure in India began with the development of the Caste System. This political system was assembled by a hierarchy of socialites. Analyzing Bacterial Strains of Bite Mark Victims Essays hierarchy could have depended on what type of job an individual occupied and where an individual stood in society. This type of government was made to ensure order in each city-state and keep the peace between other societies. In the Caste System the political status of individuals could rarely be changed throughout life. After a citizen was considered a part Analyzing Bacterial Strains of Bite Mark Victims Essays a specific political group; the status was permanent. The Portuguese, who came to India in the early sixteenth century, began this long-standing tradition of social class ruling in this culture. When the Aryans established their culture they already had a primitive type of class distinction. In the beginning, there were need help writing my paper recruitment and retention in speech a few groups because the Buy essay online cheap corruption in law enforcement culture was so underdeveloped. They mainly relied on animals for food, wealth, and war. As time progressed and the Aryans started to have more interaction with other groups their class system began to develop even more. Each different group was considered a “varna”, a word which described the color of one’s skin. Therefore, the Aryans based social distinction on the difference in skin tone. There were two basic groups, the Aryans, those who were “wheat-colored” and the Dravidians, those who had a darker complexion. It became harder and harder to differentiate between the two main classes over time and after the interaction of the people in each group. Thus, distinction became about occupational status. There were the priests known as the brahmins, the warriors and aristocrats known as the kshatriyas, the cultivators, merchants, and artists called vaishyas, and the peasants and serfs whom were called shudras. The brahmins were believed to be the highest among the classes. They were honored for their substantial knowledge and immense wealt.

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