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Friday, October 20, 2017 10:09:09 PM

Why good boys go bad essays I have a strong opinion on why good boys go bad. It's simple, society pressures them to be bad. Everyday when I turn on the television, I am guaranteed to see males either robbing a bank, killing someone, or simply degrading women. Most males that I know were brought up by strong women who taught them morals and how to respect if they want to be respected. However, once they begin schooling and encounter other students who weren't brought up with such manners begin to influence them. And don't for one second think the parents didn't do a good job. The problem is that wrong is more appealing that right and any child is up for a challenge. Most of the time the young male realizes his behavior is out of order, which is why he hides it from his parents and only acts "bad" at school. After this stage the child is accustomed to easing cheap write my essay risk factors for teen dating violence authority. In fact, it is sort of like second nature to scheme and get away with it. By the time that their activities catch up with them, it is too late. The boy is no longer in his youth, but has become a young adult over the age of eighteen. So when his cheap write my essay ict nowadays are detected by authority figures he isn't taken home to mom and dad, he is taken to jail. So please young men, think about your actions, because they will catch up with you.

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