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Friday, October 13, 2017 2:44:33 AM

A summary essay of marsha norman’s ‘night mother essays In ‘Night Mother the playwright Marsha Norman introduces us the two characters of the play Jessie Cates and her mother Thelma Cates. This play gives the final hour and the flashbacks of half of the Jessie’s life. The dialogue between the mother and the daughter shows their relationship and what has occurred through their lives and how Jessie comes to this point. This play also shows how a mother becomes aware of the reality for the first time of the individuality of her daughter. Through the story the Mama tries to persuade Jessie not to kill herself and they argue about the reasons, Jessie maintains her determination and Mama attempts passionately but ineffectively however nothing she has done has worked at the end Jessie did what she meant. The Pay for uni essays jeroen stevens starts with Jessie’s asking for old towels and plastic bags right after that she asks for her father’s old gun. With the confusion Mama asks why does she need it and Jessie just tells her that for protection however Mama says that they do not have anything that much valuable need help do my essay extreme drinking and alcohol addiction protect and Jessie insists and afterwards she tells her plans to Mama, first she does not believe her then she does and the action of the play starts. After the half of the play their conversation leads to confessions of the mother in order to keep Jessie away from her idea of killing herself. “Jessie:If I have to keep dragging the truth out of you, this is going to take all night.” And Mama replies “That’s fine with me I am not a bit sleepy.” Then asks her if she has really loved her father and get the answer which hurts her deeply. Mama’s answer was no and she explains her why and how she made this wrong marriage without willing. Mama tries to justify herself by saying that her father did not! love both of them and that is why he was always escaping from them with the excuse of going to fishing. He was not really going to fishing Mama tells, it was only his escape from them. She does not acc.

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