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To what extent does psychological research support the atkin essays The multistore model (also known as the modal model) is a memory system which is divided up into 3 stores, sensory memory, short term memory and long term memory. Atkinson and Need help writing my paper the psychological and emotional impact of domestic violence used these 3 stores as an explanation of the memory system in humans today and using it, they tried to find relevant distinctions between short term memory and long term memory. One of these distinctions was found in a study by a man called Milne (1966). He reported on a young man, who was left severely brain damaged after his memory was impaired in brain surgery. He was still able to talk normally and remember events which had happened previously and the people from his life before surgery but he was still unable to retain any new memories in his long term memory. This case study showed, there was evidence for the clear distinctions between short term memory and long term memory. An additional researcher who supported the multistore model was Shallice and Warrington. They investigated a motorcycle accident victim who suffered from the reverse of this memory impairment. He had no problem remembering items in his long term memory, but he The European Union essay - Politics a grossly impaired digit span. This meant he could not remember numbers in any form. Another researcher which supports the multistore model is Clive Wearing. He was a highly educated talented musician and broadcaster when suddenly he caught a viral infection known as encephalitis. This infection left him with extensive brain damage help me do my essay good friends eventually caused major memory disruption. He was still able to talk, read and write and retain musical skills e.g. play complex pieces on the piano and harpsichord but besides this his memory as dramatically impaired. His visual memory was also impaired as he was unable to recognize pictures of his old Cambridge college (which he attended for 4 years). His general Knowledge was also slightly impaired also has he did not know who wrote the play Romeo and Juliet or could not.

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