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1920s newspaper blacksox essays Baseball used to be pure Before the first pitch of the 1919 World Series, buy essay online cheap tools of exploitation analysis crowd in Cincinnati eagerly anticipated the upcoming game. Most Chicago fans knew their team was going to win. And the Cincinnati fans knew their team was the underdog, but they routed for them anyway. As it turned out, the White Sox lost the fist two games. Then won one. Then lost two more. And won two, but after 8 games they lost the nine game series. These were the days when baseball was pure. These were the days of Shoes Joe Jackson, and now he will never play baseball again. Along with seven other White Sox teammates this man purposely lost the world championship of 1919 for a few measly dollars. Are a few bucks worth giving up this game? Are a few bucks worth getting banned from baseball forever? No. If these players weren’t paid to play a game, it might be acceptable. Shoeless Joe, Chic Gandle, Claud “lefty” Williams, Oscar “happy” Feltch, Buck Weaver, Sweed Risburg, Eddie Sicotie, and Fred McMolen have stood trial for conspiracy. They were found guilty. Even though they were given no jail time, these men will never be able to play ball again. This punishment was given by the former Judge Landis now Commissioner of the American League. The 1919 Chicago White Sox were the single best team in the American League. They were expected to sweep Cincinnati, but under all the talent and glamour of this team was a dark side. This team was the lowest paid in the whole league, and contained the lowest moral. During help writing my paper homosexuality throughout history practice before games, nobody threw the ball to second baseman Eddie Collins, who was the highest paid on Redbronze master thesis writinghelpbestessaywebcam team. Although each player crossed each other in many different help writing my paper homosexuality throughout history Collins took it the most. “ I thought you couldn’t win without teamwork, but somehow we won one hundred games and the pennant that year.” Said Collins after Landis gave the “Black Sox’s” punishment. The nickname “Black Sox” ac.

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