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Friday, October 20, 2017 8:43:50 AM

Nature essays Nature is not just a remote location where society, bonded by a last name or kinship, goes to dodge the ball of everyday life. Even though one can use nature as a refuge of their choice, it is much more. Nature is what we see, touch, smell, and hear. Help writing my paper scarlet letter scaffold scenes African write my essay for me reviews sunshine, snow, thunder, and lightning. It can be a peaceful weekend getaway or Buy essay online cheap metamorphic rocks Nature throwing natural disasters wherever she wants. Nature is what we see outside our bedroom windows, it’s the forest, it’s the city, it’s need help do my essay aggregate supply and demand the illegal plant called marijuana. Does that make nature a bad thing? No, I don’t think nature is out to get anyone. I believe that nature is pure beauty; it’s the only thing I believe to be absolutely true, or real. What you see is actually what you get, there are no illusions. Nature is natural, positive things will happen, yet there will also be accidents. Nature has no purpose but to exist need help do my essay aggregate supply and demand offer a place for life. Things happen in the nature that often can’t be explained. My father was playing golf as a young adult when a storm rolled it. It turned dark and started to rain, but that wasn’t enough to keep my dad from playing. He and his brothers only wanted to complete their game. As my dad lifted his club, a bolt of lighting raced through the sky and hit my dad directly. He was shot about ten feet away from where he was standing. He was able to shake it off eventually and be able to joke around about it later in his life. He didn’t look at the sky and yell, “Why are you attacking me Nature!?” Nature didn’t attack my dad, my father was just stupid. Everyone knows you don’t stand outside with a lightning rod in your hand during a lightning storm. Nature took its natural course and my dad got in the way. If he would have been struck by lightning and died from it, I myself may have changed my view of nature and ask “why me?” Since my dad did live, it helped me realize that even though nature can be s.

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