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Sunday, October 29, 2017 6:51:28 PM

Expectations of parents essays The article I am presenting to write for Essence is entitled “Parents Expectations: Are they set to High”? This article is about a 17-year -old teenager, Jenny L who struggles with the high expectations of her intellectual and successful parents. Throughout her life, Jenny has always attended the best schools money could buy, just so she can go to a first-class Ivy League college such as her parents. Both her parents went to Harvard and became exceptional lawyers; so they expect the same for Jenny -- go to Harvard and become a famous attorney or doctor. The only choice they gave Jenny is you can be an attorney or doctor. Jenny on the other hand, wanted to attend a popular school near home for Animation’s and Graphic Design. Although her parents did not even entertain the thought of her going to any such school that cheap write my essay analog to digital conversion not a University or even a college. For most of her life, Jenny worked extremely hard top custom essays ukuleles restaurant tampa downtown school and has always done what her parents wanted, but she can’t take the constant pressure anymore from them or the schoolteachers. All of them working overtime, perfecting her to be the best that she know she can be. Throughout high school, Jenny averaged a cumulative 4.0 average, which consisted of giving up her teenage social life: no girlfriends or boyfriends, no party’s just schoolwork. In the end it all assessment of an essay plan off, Jenny was awarded class Valedictorian. However, coming close to graduation, Jenny comes to a crossroad in her life; as she holds two applications in her hand, one for Harvard and the other for the Art Institute, she realizes it would break her parents heart to go to the Art Institute and it would break her heart to go to Harvard. So, she does the only thing she thinks that will make her assessment of an essay plan easier, she tries to commit pay someone to write my research paper jokes survives the attempted suicide and realizes she doesn’t want to die. Instead, she will confront her parents on how she feels, and that she no longer want t.

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