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Biological vs. cheap write my essay biographical analysis of the crucible essays Biological vs. Humanistic Theories “Just ignore her, that’s just her character.” Is it so common for men and women who have unique, disturbed, happy, or sad personalities buy essay online cheap three waves of hci ‘that is just the way they are’? Many questions come to parents minds how, why or when their child or children turn out a persona that may seem far from what was taught; or buy essay online cheap patient self-determination act think was the way they were not taught. Questioning one’s actions has crossed each persons mind to why someone behaves or reacts to conditions that we see needed to be differently handled. When or how are personalities developed? According to theorists there are two probable theories: the Biological and Humanistic Theories. Biological Some theorists such as, Hans Eysenck, believe that personality characteristics are inherited. Some theorists come to the conclusion that by incorporating biology with concepts such as evolution and genetics, personality psychologists would have a better understanding what makes an individual personality. The biological approach identifies general inherited dispositions that make up a child’s personality and then can determine what type of adult he/she will developed into. Eysenck argues that differences in extraversion-introversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism are based on inherited biological differences (Burger, 2000). He believes these supertraits subsume all traits that can be defined in individual personalities. In conclusion to Eysenck’s cross-cultural research, he has determined that these supertraits are predisposed through biological factors. He believes by determining which type of these traits a child has can allow us to determine what type of personality they will develop in their later stages of development. For example as I see it, a child who is an extravert, and is freely acceptable interacting with other children, will turn into an adult that may become an assertive person who is very social and may experience .

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